Meet The Team


The members of the IDTA South East Area Committee work tirelessly to help promote and support IDTA members and their schools.  Meeting three times a year, they discuss important issues and organise various annual events in the South East of the UK.  These include area qualifying competitions for the IDTA Nationwide Finals, an annual dinner dance and workshop day and even an AGM and workshop day for members and their students.  Each of the committee members are a vital part of the team and bring years of teaching experience and dance expertise to support this vibrant area.


The IDTA South East Area Committee


philip diment - chairMAN

This is the second time Philip has acted as South East Area Chairman.   He is also an IDTA Director, Examiner and Past President of the IDTA working tirelessly to promote both our regional section of the IDTA and the Association as a whole. 

Philip has served on the South East Area Committee for over 20 years and is a hardworking and valued member, attending meetings and medallist festivals managing the door and acting as compère many times.  

He continues to teach, examine and adjudicate internationally and trains professionals from his established school in Southampton. 



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darren kelly - vice chairman

Darren has been a member of the IDTA for over 20 years.  He is qualified in Latin, Ballroom and Freestyle and runs a busy social and medallist school in Woking, Surrey.

First elected onto the IDTA South East Area Committee in September 2000, in that time Darren has held various positions of office including Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman.

During his time on the committee he has attended area meetings and medallist festivals and also lectured a number of times for the IDTA. Darren has also used his IT knowledge & skills to set up a system to help with the smoother running of competitions and was responsible for initiating the area’s Facebook page.



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lesley dodd - immediate past chairWoman

Having just spent two years as Chairwoman of the IDTA South East Area, Lesley is a Fellow and Examiner of the IDTA.  Adjudicating Nationally and  serving on the Committee for a number of years keeps her very busy.  She has held the posts Vice Chairwoman and Chairwoman and has assisted at all area competitions and events during her time on the Committee. 



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Joining the committee in 2002, Christine was elected Area Secretary in 2004.   In 2017 she was proud to be awarded the IDTA Exceptional Service Award for her commitment to the IDTA and the South East Area also that year her IDTA Life Membership.   

Christine continues to teach from her busy school in Southampton and enjoys working with the committee on the the events. She is in charge of organising the trophies and awards for the various competitions we offer in the South East.  As Secretary she drafts letters and produces minutes for all meetings held for the area.



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Mark is a long serving member of committee and has held a variety of posts on this committee including Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. As our Nationwide Representative he serves on the Nationwide Committee on behalf of the the South East Area organising the entries for our regional competitions and the finals in all genres of the Nationwide Medalist of the Year Competitions.


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Tracey has been an Examiner of the IDTA since 2003 and was voted onto the South East Area Committee in 2007. A Lifetime Member, she became responsible for hospitality duties initially and has also organised the raffles for selected Charities over the years.

More recently Tracey has become the Treasuer for the area and has kept the accounts up to date since 2013. Tracey is also responsible for sending out the tickets and wristbands for the competitions throughout the year.  

With her school in Milton Keynes, training professionals and examining for the IDTA keeping Tracey busy, we are fortunate to have her on board the IDTA South East Area Committee.



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Linda is a lifetime member of the IDTA and a Fellow in Ballroom and Latin American. A well known international adjudicator and coach, she was elected onto the IDTA South East Area Committee over ten years ago and has been an active member since that time.  

Linda has held a variety of positions of office including Vice Chairwoman and Chairwoman and more recently Welfare Officer.  Having run her own school for well over thirty years, she continues to teach classes and train competititors at her daughters studio in Southampton. Linda attends all festivals and meetings and often compares for the competitions, which she enjoys greatly.



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CHRIS GREEN - first aid

Chris is a Fellow and Examiner for the IDTA and a long serving member of the Committee.  She is the organiser of the Street Competition and also is the First Aid Representative for the area.  A Carl Alan Award winner she continues to train professionals in many genres from her studio in Southampton and works alongside the other committee members at the area events and festivals.



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DAWN ARMITAGE - HOSPITALITY & deputy nationwide rep

Dawn has been on committee for several years and has been in charge of event hospitality at all events for the IDTA South East Area. She is now also Deputy Nationwide Representative and is enjoying learning the systems and procedures in place for organising these National Competitions.  Dawn has lectured for the IDTA on many occasions in Modern Sequence. 



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KEELY CATT - Deputy Welfare officer

Keely joined the committee in 2015 at the AGM.  A Fellow and Principal of a busy School in Aldershot,  she trains amateurs for exams and competition work and professionals for IDTA teaching qualifications.

 A Carl Alan Award Nominee and coach of her national champion team Remain Nameless, Keely has lectured for the IDTA both Nationally and Internationally.  She continues to enjoy working on the committee.



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James was voted onto the committee at the AGM in 2015.  Having taken on the role of Deputy PR Officer in 2017 and now the PR Officer this year, he has started work to improve the areas website and social media accounts.  His aim is to develop communication and promotion of the IDTA South East Area events for members by designing this new website and establishing Instagram and Twitter accounts for the area. 

A previous Giles Bursary Award winner in Freestyle, a Fellow in Latin American, Street, Freestyle and with a Salsa Diploma, James trains professionals and amateurs from his busy school in Egham, Surrey.  He continues to adjudicate, teach workshops and give lectures across the UK and is enjoying the challenges and insight that the committee work provides.



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